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An Indian Woman Becomes Australia’s Businesswoman of the Year Selling Tea!

Chai is India’s possession. Many in India loves chai and for few, it is more than that. One among those passionate lovers, a woman, took Indian chai and all its glory to Australia and made it successful. And that woman is:

Uppma Virdi, 26-year-old Chai Walli, a prosperous Indian-Australian Lawyer, who turned herself from a recreational Chai Walli to Australia’s Businesswoman of the year. She was awarded in a grand Sydney Ceremony, celebrated at Indian Australian Business and Community Awards (IABCA).

Uppma Virdi

Now, the “Chai Walli” has become a massive successful Retail Business.

Uppma Virdi

Uppma, being a passionate lover of tea, goes back to old memories with her grandfather, who is a doctor specialized in herbs and spices, taught her the art of ayurvedic tea. This, made her start business and spread the tea culture of India to the world.

“Interest in tea is growing in Australia as more and more people are seeking alternatives to coffee.. It was coincidently the right time for me.”
Uppma Virdi at SBS

Uppma Virdi

She conducts “Art of Chai” classes to teach people to brew the perfect “Indian Chai”. She developed her two-year-old business through relationships, social media and lots of hard work.

Uppma Virdi

Uppma, still works as a Lawyer and as a Chai Walli after her profession. She is still unsure of switching to as Businesswoman. She smiles by saying that her parents totally opposed when she proposed the idea:

“My parents and family were totally against it.. they said I was a lawyer, why did I want to be a tea seller? I said I wanted to show that tea sellers can do something. All the chai walas and chai walis in India are doing something entrepreneurial even if they are not well educated, at least they have a business spirit,” at SBS

Uppma Virdi

She also states her views that there are still cross-cultural issues on a young woman being an entrepreneur and also says that when she goes to India, the suppliers and businesses don’t take her seriously because of her age factor. She accepts the fact that there is still a long way to go.

Uppma Virdi

Finally, we all should honestly accept that Uppma Virdi is a true inspiration to all of us being a young business woman. We all Indians should be proud of her for spreading our traditional chai to the world.

End of all these, Indians would be like now, Chal yaar! Chai peete hai!

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