Hello Moms,

On Saturday i went to samll outing with my Family(Me,My hubby, My brother in law, My co-sister and our sons )So wanted to share  some information reagarding a beach which is not really near but its kind ok for us to travel frm hyderabad. Tat beach is none other than Suryalanka beach.

Suryalanka beach is in Guntur district and 8kms from Bapatla. Route map is like this if we are going by 4 wheeler we can go via vijayawada – guntur – Chirala-Bapatla. From hyderabad distance is 350 kms. We can also cover chirala beach also. Tat is also very nice picnic point . In suryalanka beach we have APTDC cottages which has beach view point and very close to the beach. They also hve nice restaurant in beach itself. There are 12 cottages of APTDC. We dont have any other cottages we hve only APTDC’s. The cost of each cottage is if it is on weekdays per day Rs.1245 and on weekends its Rs.1575 only Accomodation. We need to book the cottage one month in advance thru APTDC.If you think the price is too high we have another option also tat is from the Beach if we travel 8 kms we have a town Bapatla. There we have some hotels. We stayed in Bhavana Residency  the cost of each room is Non Ac its 300Rs and AC Room its rs 750. Nearby we have hotels for food. There food is also very nice. We planned suddenly so we cud not get cottage near beach. So we stayed in tat hotel. We enjoyed a lot and had lots n lots of fun there. We also became kids by looking at the beach we played with our kids like kids only.

As ours is a sudden plan we decided on Friday night and started on Saturday morning. We also covered Vijayawada Kanakadurga Temple . We also have train Facility to Baptala so if u want u can also go by train till Bapatla and frm their u can go to beach.

Our trip went like this : We started frm our home sharpt 6:00 we thought of to start at 5:00 but it didnt happened. with 4 breaks(this breaks includes breakfast, snacks n lunch) we went to chirala beach by 3.00 PM. There we spent 2 hours and moved to Suryalanka Beach by 5:30 PM. There we spent till 9.00PM and went back to our rooms in Bapatla and had dinner and we had some entertainment in the our rooms also we slept around 2.00 AM in the morning and got up at 6.00 AM and got ready and had break fast in Bapatla itself and started around 9.30 AM and with one break we reached Vijaywada Kanakadurga temple around 11.00 AM. In Vijayawada Kanakadurga Temple we have 3 types of tickets for darshan. One is 5 Rs,2nd one is Rs.25 For these tickets devotees are send frm Maindoor of Durga matha. We also have Rs50 Ticket for this we will be sent to inner temple where there is 3 feet of distance of durgamatha. We had tat darshan. For 50Rs ticket u will be given one laddu also. If you want more laddu’s u will get frm prasad counter which will be near Subrahmanyam swami temple inside the durgamatha temple. For each laddu and a packet  of pulihora the cost is Rs.5 only. we stayed in temple around 3 hours went to lunch in Ilapuram Hotel which is near railway station. There lunch is really just like hyderabad food. From there we moved around 3.00Pm with 5 to 6 breaks we reached home at 10.30PM in the night.

Total cost of our trip was Rs.4500.(Includes food,diesel to our car, room rents and other expenses also).

If anybody wants to go out for small outing or visit a beach no need to go for Vizag you can go for Suryalanka beach.