A patient complains to a famous psychologist: ‘Professor, ‘I’’ve been having

terrible obsessions for years, and no one has ever been able to help me.’

‘’Who’’s been treating you until now?’’

‘’Dr Lal Rathor.‘’

‘’I see. He’’s an idiot. I’m curious to know what he advised you to do?’.’

‘Patient -‘To come and see you.’’


A lady and a lion were kissing each other inside a cage in the circus

 ring. Everybody was amazed to see this when the ring master asked, " Can anybody

from the audience do this?"

One man gets up and said, " Yes, I can, …but first take that stupid lion out.."


A TC asked a passenger travelling in the train comartment –

" May I know where are you going?"

Passenger – " I am going to the place where Lord Rama was born”

TC – " May I have a look at your ticket please?”

Passenger – " I am afraid, I don’t have it"

TC- ” Well, .. come.. follow me”

Passenger – " Where ?”

TC – " To the place where Lord Krishna was born"