Kedara Gowri Vratham is followed for 21 days starting from 10th October 2016 and ends on 30th October 2016

Amavasya Tithi:

Starting Time – 29/Oct/2016 8:40 P.M

End Time – 30/Oct/2016 11:08 P.M

Kedara Gowri Vratham Procedure:



In southern Indian states, below procedure is followed by ladies to invoke Lord Kedareswara as part of Kedara Gowri Vratham

  • A pot (kalasam) is filled with water and a roof (mandapam) is made above the kalasam and this pot(kalasam) is considered as Lord Kedareswara.
  • 21 holy vratham threads are made using cotton strands with 21 knots on it.
  • For 21 days 16 different worships are done as per the customs. Most of the people follow only the last day customary worship that is on deepavali (amavasya day).
  • On the final day, the water filled pot or kalasam is placed over the food grains spread on a banana leaf. It is believed that on the final day of the vrath, lord Kedareswara is brought up into the kalasam.
  • The food and fruits offered to the god is distributed to everyone. And to end the vrath (nombu) one has to consume this prasadham offer to the lord Kedareswara.

Kedara Gowri Vratham Significance:

There is a great faith that performing a kedara gowri vratham brings great benefits and there are many mythological stories supporting these claims. It is believed that this ritual of offering vrath pooja for lord Kedareswara is started by Parvati herself. It is also believed that sage Gautama maharishi guided Parvati in performing the rituals.

Mythological stores about two Vaisya girls, Bagyavathi and Punyavathi tells that they were blessed with huge wealth and fortune and also it is said that Bagyavathi suffered for some time when she neglected the vratham.



In Puranas, it is noted that the Lord Vishnu became the Lord of Vaikuntha after performing this ritual. Also the Hamsa vahana (vehicle) possessed by Brahma was a gift from performing this ritual. It is also believed that Asta-Dikpala (Guardians of eight directions) or eight deities performed kedara gowri vrath to eliminate the curse given by Lord Brahma.