“Aa Behen Mujhe Maar” is what Karan Johar ended up saying at the end of the show. So, by now you must have guessed the person who made him say that, right? Yes! Who else could it be? None other than witty and wacky Mrs Funnybones, Twinkle Khanna.

Koffee with Karan Season 5 Episode 2, where Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna appeared together for the first time and they just stole the show.

Not many knew that KJo and Twinkle Khanna grew up together in the same boarding school, where their friendship started. It was pretty evident from the show that the friendship only grew in great measures.

Let’s see how Twinkle Khanna made KJo feel in the show with her taunts.

Casually KJo started his show saying that it is the first time in his show where two of them are sitting so close on the couch opposite to him and asks any space for any other person to sit next to them on their couch? Here, is where he had started digging his grave:


Further, Twinkle Khanna shares her memories with KJo of School days in the show where she says to Akshay that:

KJo always cribbed saying: “I am missing my mother, I want to go home and I am very hungry”

The most interesting part was, Twinkle had to rob food for KJo because of his hunger.

Later, in the show, Akshay surprises Twinkle by singing a song where he asks a mic to KJo. And then, again a politically incorrect statement by Twinkle:


After this starts the Rapid Fire Round!

KJo asks Twinkle: What does Akshay have that the Khans Don’t?


KJo had to be like Crotch Crotch Hota Hain!

Then KJo asked: What’s the meanest thing anyone has ever said about your writing?


Because Twinkle did not want her standards to go down and KJo had to be like Thank you!

KJo: Who is that one person you wouldn’t want your husband to be stuck with on a deserted Island?

This was asked after, when, KJo and Akshay danced together intimately.


KJo: The Director you hope that never offers a script to you (here, Twinkle had to think herself as Akshay and answer)


Karan had to literally be like Okay! Thank you! You did it very well! LOL.

Finally, KJo thought that taunts were done for the show, but unfortunately, he ended up having one by asking Twinkle: How was your experience in the show? She was like:


With all these continuous taunts in the show, Karan had to admit the fact to Akshay that “Why have I done this grave by inviting her to my show” (laughter around)

By seeing all these, you would be really stunned with the relationship between KJo and Twinkle. They are really good friends and they know each other well from childhood.

The show was really great and there were many insights and fun moments about Akshay and Twinkle in the show apart from the above mentioned.

Here’s the full video to watch and have fun!

Photo Courtesy: Hot Star