Laden kita pesuriya???? Laden ah? Bin Laden !!! Pesuriya?

You must be wondering what is this? why all of a sudden this dialogue?! Right? Nothing but, all about this cute 16-year-old school girl, Pragathi, who became famous for her dubsmash videos on Vadivelu dialogues and this dialogue was from one of her initial dubsmash videos which went viral and earned the name “Lady Vadivelu”.

 Dubsmash pragathi


Pragathi, being a little girl, got a spark and found her talent at the very young age itself. With her cuteness and eye-catchy dubsmash videos, she gained popularity through social media.

Let’s have a ride on her popularity starting from this video:

Further, she started making many videos and would like to share few of them here:

By watching all these videos, her fan base increased in social media and people started recognising her.

She has a facebook page with more than 50000 likes.

She also has an Instagram account with more than 15000 followers and also twitter account with more than 1000 followers.

With all her increased social media presence, media people started to approach her for interviews and special tv shows.

Her first TV presence was in Vijay Tv, Ayudha Pooja special show Vaal Pasanga. Have a look at this promo video:

Her first interview was showcased in TimePass Vikatan Magazine:

Dubsmash pragathi


Further, she started appearing in programs telecasted in Vasanth TV, Radio Mirchi and so on.

Then, with all these popularity, finally, she ended up meeting the legend, “Vadivelu”- Tamil Comedian.

Dubsmash pragathi


Way to go Pragathi! We all should accept the fact that her dubsmash videos made our days. Having to look at a cutie pie doing wonders with expressions is a feast for the eyes.

Makkal (People) are waiting for many more videos from Pragathi. All they want to ask is:

Pragathi? Sathyam ah? Promise ah? Iniku kandipa oru video poduveengala?

Let’s see what she says!

Pragathi, have a great future ahead and don’t forget to entertain our makkal (people) with your dubsmash videos.

To all the fans of Praginsta over there! Have fun watching full collection of her videos here: