I love Lilly Singh for her fast-talking and mostly nonsensical videos. The content didn’t matter to me. Her energy and persona did. I was introduced to her YouTube channel by my sister, a few years ago. The video was a collaboration with Humble The Poet. I’ve followed her career path (including her multiple run-ins with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) and also read her book. So, when I heard the news, I was thrilled.

The YouTube star was appointed by UNICEF as its newest Global Goodwill Ambassador. The announcement was made at UNICEF’s Youth4Change initiative, a special programme for youth that brings them together to support their peers and communities in taking action on issues such as health, hygiene, child labour and gender equality.


Lilly Singh


Speaking at the event, Ms. Singh said “I’m honoured to join UNICEF as a Goodwill Ambassador and to use my voice to support its mission of reaching every child. It’s time to stand for what your kids want and not society.”

It has been revealed that Ms. Singh – who has over 11 million subscribers on YouTube – will promote UNICEF’s work and urge her followers to join the fight for children’s rights.

Lilly Singh is no stranger to fighting for what’s right. In late 2015, she launched GirlLove, an initiative to end girl-on-girl hate and promote a helpful and functioning sisterhood.