Designing Living Rooms


Living rooms are the room in the house for entertaining guests, retiring at night to relax and read a book, watch tv or a movie, listen to music and more. So you can see why there is so much to consider when you choose to design your living room. There are multiple spaces within one space that need to be designed.

The goal was to design a creative retreat for the mother of this family as well as to create a family-functional and comfortable space.

The Simplified Sofa: make your sofa look  modern by limiting the number of pillows to one large and two small, all in the same color tone.

Floor-Based Vase: For a new perspective look  we could have a tall  flower vase.To add uniqueness we can have a spherical vase, a round vase and square candles.

We can design the living room modern,ethnic-inspired and even romantic.

Modern look living room,

Ethnic lnspired design with traditional sarees.

Romantic design having cozy look.