Forgotten the last time your darling daughter dabbled in sticky clay and left her imprint on the wall? Or the time your son’s tiny footprints marked your squeaky clean floor? Unfortunately with time, mind plays havoc with life’s beautiful moments…. and they move into the faded recesses of the past.


Think beyond, wornout photographs, smudged albums, digi-images or slim CDs. Bhavna Jasra’s ‘First Impressions’ creates 3-D models of your loved one’s hands and feet to make warm, everlasting memories.


And this time she is in the city of Chennai on 5th March 2010 at Peek-A-Boo Patterns,Alwarpet to woo every chennaite with a mesmerizing experience of capturing the present to preserve it for the future.


Capture the timeless impression of your little one’s feet as they take the first few steps in life. This form of art is the perfect way to preserve the memories of childhood forever.


Bhavna is a pioneer of this art form in India. What makes her pieces so special is that each is a masterpiece in itself. A casting can be done only once. It is an exact impression made from clay moulds adorned with gold n silver plating. After all a thing of beauty is indeed a joy forever.


What better way to celebrate this year’s joys, than enjoying the twin benefit of bringing your kid to the world of fantasies at peek-a-boo patterns and also get an opportunity to get an impression done of your loved one by BHAVNA JASRA.


To Add delight, One can also get personalized Schools bags, hand bags, pouches, organizers, photo albums etc made with their photographs done beautifully only by bhavna Jasra.

 Just walk in at any time between 5 pm to 7 pm on 5th March 2010 to meet Bhavna and get an impression done for your kid or pick up one of the handy n useable products and get it personalized.


Call 24992365 right away and be a part of this new world of treasuring memories in the most smart and different way.