Where are you all gals? No blogs yet about the meet up!

I am not a blogger…… So if it’s like an essay, pls bear with me

Well, here we go… When myself and radhika entered the hall, we were invited

  • with a rose from InduSuresh and chocolate from her son Jeevan
  • and a bunch of roses (our moms)
  • a shout from ssb asking us the late fee for coming late  but we didn’t pay

Jayanthi, Gayathri and her friend, Greeshma, Ritu came after us…….

So we were 14 in total with Lakshmi, Bhavya, R.Jain, Anita, Reshma, Jithi, Chitra.

All moms and girl children were talking, running around while all boy children were clinging on to their moms until Gayathri opened up the balloon packet. Now nice workout for moms to blow all the balloons……. see the pics below.

Now that the balloons filled the room, we had some room to chat with each other while the kids played with the balloon.

Then we engaged the kids to draw with crayons (again kudos to gayathri for the crayons and papers) and we had a game that Bhavya thought of (we missed u hasina !)

Time to eat ! The food was too good – roti, veg biryani, 2 veg curries, rice, rasam, curd, papad, gulab jamoon and icecream !

After lunch Indu had arranged for her friend to give us a talk on parenting.

Time to leave…….. not yet said the kids when they saw the play area on the way out.

The meet up was good inside an enclosed place where only chennaimoms and kids were there. Thanks to Bhavya for organizing the meet up in league club.

My son found a future classmate in this meetup (greeshma’s daughter and my son will be in lkg in schram next june !).

We all had fun. Next meet up will be on April 4th – Sat evening 5 pm. Who all are in?