Hi moms,

Get ready to play the contest. Its a game for 2013 Margazhi Month. Another contest will going to start now in Bharatmoms.

Margazhi is most auspicious month among those tamil month, Margazhi not only famous for Dance and Music and also for Kolam Designs.

Let’s celebrate this auspicious occasion with Bharatmoms by taking part in our interactive " Margazhi Kolam Contest " a special contest for Margazhi 2013!

All you have to do is just read out Contest details and put your fingers.

How to Participate in the contest?????

  • Just Capture your kolam designs and post in this blog comments.
    (Eg:Use this icon  to upload image, dnt copy & paste. Use blog sharing icon in social networks to get more likes. )

  • The game continue by the random posting of kolam designs.

  • You can share ur kolam designs in our FB Pages, will consider that likes,shares and comments also.

  • The mom who gets more comments and likes for Bharatmoms "Margazhi Special contest" will be awarded as the winner of this contest.

Share ur own Kolam Designs…Lets Starts From Today!!!!!!!!!!!




Rules for the contest:
1.Dnt Copy kolam designs from other sites, It should be ur own kolam.
2.Dnt Post continuously.