Hi All,

I have posted few blogs before on how RTI has helped me get my personal work done! I got our ration card, cleaned our street, laid roads in our street etc by filing RTI. Here is one more feather to the cap 🙂

Our street’s height raises after our home. Also our opposite house’s level is less than ours. So the metro water did not come to house beyond our home. The last house in our street to get metro water via pipes is our opposite house. All the people beyong our home has been living there for more than 20 yrs (we built this house only 10yrs back) but have not got the metro water at all! So they were using only the bore water. There were recent flats constructed in our street in the past 3 yrs and as a result, even our opposite house and few more houses before ours also were not getting the metro water!

All influential people who reside in our street gave complaints, walked numerous times to the metro water office, collected money from us and gave bribes, complained it to our locality association and what not? Every time the metro water people will come, will check the pipes, put holes on the street and leave in 1 or 2 days (without even closing those holes and we will pay and close the holes!). But no metro water. 

Also there were no defaulters in paying the water tax all this years!

I filed an RTI asking what happened to all the complaints place regarding the same and if any action was taken. I got a prompt reply saying they’ll do in 2 weeks. The usual hungama of 5 people visiting the locality, putting holes, checking for water etc happened and they were gone. No water! Then again I filed an RTI quoting the date they’ve replied to me. I got a reply from them that they’ll fix it before 30th sep. A metro water engineer visited our house last week. He said they’ll fix it. Yday few metro water laborers came and fixed it and finally we (all the houses beyond our home included!) are getting the metro water 🙂

All this 20 yrs of struggle was solved with just 2 RTI’s 🙂

Isn’t this great?

Please forward this details to your friends who are facing such metro water problems…. Help your friends/relatives get their problem solved!


Take a DD in favour of   " Account Officer Corporation of Chennai " and post your questions along with this DD to 

The Commissioner,
Corporation Of Chennai,
Ripon Building,
EVR Salai,

If you are not in Chennai, please send it to the address of your corresponding corporation/municipality.