Of all the women empowerment stories that we have read this week, this story of a poor, hardworking mother takes the cake.

Sumitra Devi of Ramgarh (Jharkhand) retired this month as a peon in a government support office at CCL Township in Rajrappa. This would have been a normal occasion in any other town, city or district of the world but Sumitra’s was far from a normal retirement process. She was an uneducated poor woman from a small town who persevered amongst all difficulties to provide the best of education to her three sons. The result of all her hard work and struggle for 40 years? Her first son, Virendra Kumar, is a railway engineer, the second son, Dhirendra Kumar a doctor and the last one Mahendra Kumar – a public servant – is currently the district collector of Siwan in Bihar.

India is a country where you will have to fight for good education and continue the fight for a good, well paying job. While getting this for one son is a huge task for most people in the country, Sumitra got this done for all three sons while being a single mom. The sons, who attended the farewell ceremony, could not be any prouder that their mom at this time. Dhirendra Kumar, who was also the chief guest of the event, noted that the general hardworking nature of their mother and all the struggles and sufferings that she went through motivated them to work harder every single day and succeed in life. Sumitra too was visibly emotional during the ceremony, reports Dainik Jagaran.

It is to be noted that Sumitra did not quit her job or wile away her time at the job even after her sons had secured good positions in their respective careers. She chose to work till her last day at the job and retire gracefully. Her co-workers point out as the most impressive quality of Sumitra and also said that she has always been an inspiration for all women in the workplace and her local community.

This story serves as an inspiration and a life lesson for all of us who complain about our shortcomings and for things that we do not have!

Photo Courtesy: The Financial Express