nowadays most of us use baby wipes for our little ones.i’m going to tell u some other uses of  the baby wipes. it’s from my personal experience.

1.U can clean your stove,kitchen tiles, mixi,grinder etc……no need of any kitchen cleaners.for heavy stains u can use a bit of cleaners and use the wipe.

2. For POOJA LAMPS.just in a single wipe u can remove the oil stains.normally we wash pooja lamps using tamarind, kola mavu etc…… but if u use a baby wipe u don’t need all these…..

3.u can use it for .TV,FRIDGE,GLASS ITEMS etc……etc…….

usually we use towels for cleaning kitchen items. if the towel doesn’t dry well it smells bad. but baby wipes are not like that. we can wash it again and again and it will dry in minutes.

if we take one piece.we can use it till it tears.

if u don’t have kids in such a age that needs wipes even then, johnson’s baby wipes have 80 wipes.it costs around 150.if u buy once,it’ll be of use for minimum six months.

we can’t use wet tissues for cleaning.coz it tears very easily. but baby wipes is thicker and more elastic.we have to tear it other wise it won’t tear easily.

i tried all the above tips and it’s working out well.hope these tips will be useful to you.