Hey Gals

Wanted to share a piece of my mind.

Monday morning. I felt a lump in my throat     . My lil one for the first time, was going to school ( anywhere for that matter, without me). She cried a lil, no tantrums, before she entered her class. I felt like bringing her back. Me and my hubby were so very worried that both of us stayed back in school.

I had tears in my eyes when she entered her class.     . We sat on the verandah looking at the watch to see when it would be 11, so that we could take her back home.

Yeeeah it was 11 and I was at the doorstep of her classroom right on dot to take her back into my arms. 

She came home and said "amma, I missed you so much". I just hugged her tight  , and said I missed you too baby. I felt so emotional    

That night I cried so much, asking God why children had to go to school. This was my first gap.

The next day I was a little ok. But her teacher said I was not allowed to take her back in the afternoon and that lunch was to be sent. One whole day, she has to be in school OMG, that’s it , my woes have started again. 

Wednesday she did’nt want to go to school, Thursday I did’nt feel like sending her ( Yes I know I’m spoiling her) but I’m not able to take the fact that she is gonna be away from me for 1 whole day     

Hope and pray    I get over this schooling blues