Hi Moms,

Today im so happy because of my Son, he made me feel so proud of him. Some of the moms know tat my son is so passion about cars. When i was worried they used to tell me he is just 3 years old now he will know and they also told me tat its an extra talen. Today i want say thanks to all moms. Last week when i went to my son’s school his class teacher was talking to some other parent and she asked me to stay for some time. After finishing talking to the other parent she came to me and said "Madam your son has got an extra talent that is he tells all cars brand names including colour" then i said madam he is telling tat frm the age when he is 1 and half year old. Then she asked me you prepare a chart with car images we will give a program. Then also i neglected and said teacher he is going mad with cars so i dont want him to spoil his education but his scholl teachers didnt agree with me, they themselves prepared a chart with all cars images around of 40 to 50 and they called all other parents and teachers. Infront of all of them My son "SAMPREETH" without any hesitation he told all cars names and everybody was surprised and they came to me and said he is genius in future for sure he will definitely become a car designer. When i heard those words i felt so happy and cursed myself because whenever my son asks me for a car i used to tell him "Mad of cars" and u will become mad with those cars only. 

I m so happy today,