Are you trying to eat healthy but find it hard to change those habits?   Let My Healthy Eating Chart  help you keep track of what you’ve eaten and what you still need to eat to be healthier!!   My Healthy Eating Chart  is just what you need!  

Terrific for getting Kids to eat healthy, too!!   Think about all your child will learn – what food is good to eat, all about the different food groups and the variety of foods their body needs to be healthy!  Teach your child to make healthy food choices by helping them chart their eating habits with My Healthy Eating Chart  while they are young.  They will develop life long healthy eating habits when encouraged at a young age!!

Every day, you track your eating habits by checking a box for each item you eat in each food group.   For example, if you had cereal with milk and bananas for breakfast, you would check off one milk, one fruit and one grain item.  

When each meal is charted during the day, you keep track of how many servings of each food group you have eaten, and how many you still need to eat to meet your healthy eating goals.  For example, if you ate 3 fruits during the day, you will know you need to eat 1 more fruit to meet your goal (if your healthy eating goal is 4 fruits).  This way, kids (and adults!!) are encouraged to eat the right foods!!   What a great and fun way to teach yourself and your kids which foods meet which nutritional need and belong to each food group.  You will learn without even trying!!