I was planning to write this from so long but cud’nt got time…so here I go

This was the first Father’s day for my husband so I wished him in a special way… I wrote a poem from my daughter’s side and took her footprint with the help of heena on a Sheet and freamed it with this poem…

[Actually I had C-section and I saw my daughter after 2 hrs of her birth…so tried to explain her emotions in this poem]

Dear Papa,

I LOVE U so much…. Happy Father’s Day..!!

I miss the day when you first holded me in your arms..
You were confused and you were scared…!!
Before I cud see my mom I saw you the first.
I too was so confused and was very scared…!!

But after getting the tenderness of your love I was relaxed…
I havnt missed my mom and was enjoying the outer world.
When mom came after 2 hrs. and holded me in her arms
I told her that I saw with my Dad the first phase of this world..

I told her that I was enjoying my new life with my Dad..
she too was very calm after listening all about you Dad
and told me one more truth about you that time..
That you are the best husband and would be the best Father in this world Dad…

Love you PAPA.

Lots and lots of love..


What u all did to make your hubby’s day special..?