I’d been planning to go to Coorg for quite a while, but something or the other always came up. After dilly dallying till the last moment (on the day we left I prepared for the Sun TV interview, went to shoot the program, called the car rentals to book the car, checked if the wait listed ticket got confirmed and what else did I miss?)  , we finally made it !

The misty hills, lush forest, pepper and coffee plantation, undulating streets and breathtaking views makes Coorg an unforgettable holiday destination.

We planned to take it light and not travel much. So for 3 days we visited only thala cauvery, dubare and raja seat. One full day we spent in the estate and cottage which was a memorable experience.  We stayed in Honey Pot Homes.

The cottage is a home stay inside a coffee estate, that has been beautifully architected and very well maintained. It had all amenities of a home stay. Shamveel and Faizal, the owners of the estate took every step to make us feel at home. Be it a traveller’s guide or the milk for my kid, they provided it asap. They guided us to the local coorg cuisine restaurant to taste traditional coorg food, showed us short cuts to reach places like dubare etc. Janardhan and few others who served the food, drove us through the estate were also very kind.
Highlights of the cottage (and the whole trip !):

  • The cottage had a small attic where a twin bed was set. My son would have climbed this attic innumerous times and he really enjoyed it
  • We had breakfasts and evening tea at the tree house in the estate. Yes! its a tree house. If you show the tree house picture to your kids, I am sure they’ll ask you to take them to coorg
  • Now is the best part of the whole trip – our little drive through the estate, then a little walk till we saw the stream ! Yes, there is stream in the estate and it’s lovely. Since we went in the morning, the water was cold to take bath, but we climbed up the stream and it’s a wonderful site. I bet if anybody wouldn’t love this place. It was so calm, serene, peaceful and what not? My son went up the stream, sat down and didn’t want to come back.
  • Last but not the least is the home of Shamveel and Faizel. Their home is next to the cottage and they have a perfect landscape, play area to entertain their guests and kids.
  • Don’t miss the tour around the estate with Shamveel especially the last part of the tour where they serve the coffee (prepared from their estate’s coffee seeds)

I would recommend Honey Pot Homes for all of you who plan to travel with kids. The kids enjoyed the most in the trip.

Few snaps of the trip….

 The Attic :

Attic inside the cottage


Tree house:

Tree House


The Stream:

The Stream

The play area:

Play area


In Dubare when an elephant sprayed water on all of us… Wow ! I too take good photographs ah?!


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