Day 1 :

We started on wednesday , 2nd december to Egypt …our flight was at 4.55 we reached to Egypt at night 11.50 local time and to hotel around 2’clock.  we booked through travel agent so from the airport to till we returned to London , guides were there to help us …and we enjoyed well throughout the trip ….though I felt that i attended a history class for all the 4 days … we returned to London on 7th afternoon .

(Hope u all will enjoy reading this  ….Few words would have been wrongly spelled please forgive me girls … )

First impression on seeing egypt – we felt as if we have reached Chennai  Busy roads all 24 hours , small small petty shops , kaiyendi bhavans … ….

Their main income is by tourism , then Egyptian cotton sales , sugarcane cultivation , lot of  Limestone and albestos stones ,  granites stones are found ….. 

the only thing which i did not like is chain smokers …..almost all the mens there are chain smokers …..

On 3rd. Morning after having breakfast in hotel we started with a guide Maryan mam …she was too good and explained us everything in details …

first we saw  – Giza Pyramids : one of the 7 wonders of world .. It was marvellous , amazing , extrodinary …what  to say  ???

Hope the photo itself is self explanatory ,still :

The Khufu / cheops pyramid is the first pyramid buit and it is considered as one of the 7 wonders of the world … this pyramid was the tallest building till Efil tower in Paris was built ..

of all the kings ruled Egypt – Ramses II , XIV , XI were very famous – of these Ramses ii is most famous king ….

the 3 pyramids are for the same family members – grand father , father (Ramses II ) , son .

The first pyramid – cheops was built entirely by Limestone , few they brough from nearby city called Aswan ….each stone weighs about 1600 tons and the entire pyramid is of about 140 mts in height …. and was built around 5000 or 6000 years ago  each stone is nearly 153 cms ….  and the entire pyramid was casted by limestone coating , which has been removed for some other construction ….. it is really amazing as how they have built such a massive one and the centre line is perfect straight ….

The tip of the first pyramid if u see it will be like flat one about 10 mts. has been destroyed …so now the height of pyramid is just 130 mts.

you can still see at the tip of second pyramid few limestone casting is left  ….the second pyramid or Khafre , was built by Ramses II he wanted to built slightly higher than his father’s or first pyramid and so he chose the place which is slightly above the ground level … ….therefore the second one is seen to be in more height ….

the third one nothing much about it but it is built entirely by granite stone ….

will continue if u all like it ….