Hello cmoms..

 It was a lovely special  sunday…. started the mood ( no karpanai pls ) from saturday itself.. We enjoyed  the day in planetyumm ( anu4nivedha has already described the happenings in her blog.) Thank you all very much, we had a good time in our meet up.. Missed Jayasree who wanted a treat… but did not turn up for the meet..  After everyone dispersed, we went to the beach, watched the gramiya theru kuthu on the stage … after that went for baloon shooting which my hubby and son enjoyed bursting the baloons.. then had all kinds of bajji.. then spent sometime in the beach talking and reached home around 10 pm.. After this we watched Kutti movie together ..

 On Sunday morning we thought we would go to green park in vadapalani since the lunch coupon was for weekday lunch buffet.. but then my hubby said he would check with Radisson if we could have lunch with that coupon on sunday itself.. he then got the reservation and booked the table for us  ( rahul too) It seems we had to pay some diff cost and we were okay with that.. who would go on a weekday  as it is there is no weekday holiday coming before 31st march.. . we went as usual in our bike.. he likes going in our pleasure  vechile only with rahul in front and me in the back .. have to put my legs two sides and hug him. .( one of the must)

Then we had a good lunch tasting all the foods.. atleast i tried both  veg , little non veg , lots of fruits and almost all deserts excluding icecream.. my hubby was tasting only nonveg  and desserts… my son had only  some statrer chicken and some pasta and icecream.. . he was enjoing going here there loiterring around.. and he got impatient and came and shouted.. for how long will you have the food.. eating so much…  maname poochu.. pavi inimel una yentha buffet ku kutitu varamaten nu soliten..



But  we did have a very nice time there..

Then on the way back my hubby got me a red rose..  and we got chocolate for our son..

Then in the evening.. he took me out and wanted to get some dress for me.. either a kurthi or a chudi.. since we did not have much time as we wanted Rahul to study for his exam.. we went to Zaras shop in valasarvakkam and he got me a salwar suit..  I was so happy which is what he wanted..

  since we were running short of time,,( i had planned to  buy something for him which i couldn’t ) we returned home in time for  our neeya naana….

Then yenoda romantic talk in neeya naana came.. after that he was so happy and said this is the best gift he could get  nu ore konjals..

so this is how we enjoyed our day

(p.s. the photos here were taken in our mobile camera so the quality is not good.)