I just wanted to share my very recent vacation to Wayanad,Kerala
Cause for the Trip
 After our honeymoon in March2006 we didn’t go to any place for a trip because of work then pregnancy, delivery and then my daughter was too little for trips……
So after so many fightings and arguments with my husband that he didn’t take us anywhere except to our in-laws place all through these years… he finally settled down for a trip, and he asked me to select the place etc etc for the trip
How I selected Wayanad???
First we thought of Singapore, Malaysia… but later rejected coz my daughter is only 1.8yrs old.. I wanted her too to enjoy the trip and remember it later too… So thought of going to these places some other time…
Then after going through many websites and travel destination I finally selected Kerala coz the climate over there is pleasant right now and rains are yet to start….
There are many places in Kerala which are very beautiful(Of course it is Gods own Country)but to my Knowledge Wayanad is least experienced by people but it is a must see place which i suggest to all….
Then I started searching for best hotels for our stay over there … Browsed through lot of Hotels and Resorts… and also came to know about Home Stay options and Finally settled down for Ente Veedu Home Stay place…. Coz i felt the need for more place to play and enjoy for my daughter….
The Actual Trip
We started from Chennai by 10.15a.m. on 14th May 2010 by Kingfisher Airlines to Calicut and reached there by 1.30 p.m and from there it was a journey of 3hrs to Wayanad….
Ente Veedu Homestay is run by Mrs. Seetha Rajagopal….and she was such one of the lovely persons whom i ve met in my life… During my Enquiry itself she was asking about the details of our stay and since she had many room options like ordinary rooms, Bamboo House… etc she suggested us to take a room with a small balcony attached to it since iv e a very small kid….I am posting some of the pictures of Ente Veedu 


We finally arrived at Ente Veedu at 5.00 p.m. in the evening and we were welcomed by a glass of Fresh and cool Watermelon Juice…. Then we refreshed ourselves and by that time my daughter was fully exhausted coz she didn’t take any food all day….So i fed her some Cerelac and put her to sleep after that….We had a delicious dinner and we slept….
The next day Morning we had our program of sight seeing ….the following are the places in Wayanad for sight seeing
Edakkal Caves
Thirunelly Temple
Kuruva Island
Soochipara Waterfalls,
Banasura Dam
Tholpetty and Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary
Pookote Lake etc
The first day we started our sight seeing auspiciously by visiting Thirunelly Temple which is also said as Papanasini…. It is like Kasi and Rameswaram in India…..
The next place we planned to visit was Kuruva Deep(also called as Kuruva Island) oh …the way from Thirunelly temple to Kuruva Island was a very beautiful stretch with lot of greens on both the sides of the road… some pics on the way to Kuruva Island




Then we reached Kuruva Island by 12 in the afternoon…Kuruva Island is one in which we ve both the stretch of forest and streams passing near by so we ve to walk in to the forest , then cross the stream… then walk in to the forest then the stream… etc… Like this there are 14 streams which ve to be crossed while walking through the forest inbetween…..First to reach the forest we ve to take a small ferry boat which travels for 5 mins from one end to other and then walk through the forest…..First walk was for nearly 2 kms… and we got really tired coz we both were alternatively carrying Samriddhi all through the way…..So finally we reached the first stream but we were not able to cross it because the rocks were very slippery and crossing it with Samriddhi was a tough task…..and risky too…So we reached the stream had fun in water for sometime and Samriddhi was enjoying in the water…Some pics at Kuruva Deep


We started back from Kuruva by 2.00 p.m. and reached our home stay by 4 and then had our lunch which was a wonderful Malabar cuisine which we enjoyed thoroughly….. So first day trip was over
Second Day Trip….
We started very early in the morning by around 7.30a.m. to Banasura Dam and reached there by 9.00 a.m. What a lovely place it was water all around with little mounds of red sands inbetween …. it was very lovely… Boating starts only by 9.30.. so we took Samriddhi to a near by Childrens park where she had lots of fun in the swing….We hired a boat for 20mins and started boating ….with all life jackets etc….I was very afraid whether Samriddhi will cry on the boat etc… but she was having maximum fun and she wanted to bend and touch the water while we were on the boat …. The ride was very en joyable with all the greens all around… and since it was very lovely we extended our boating for 20 more minutes…. Samriddhi was having all fun and she wanted to sit separately and enjoy…..just a few photos




After our wonderful boating experience we left for Pookote Lake which was full of lilies all around… There again we continued boating because Samriddhi was enjoying boating ….Pookote lake is a small lake so didn’t put life jacket for Samriddhi …. She was enjoying the boat ride singing songs all through the time …. enjoying to the fullest……a few pictures at Pookote Lake


We left Pookote Lake by around 1.00p.m and by that time we were very hungry….So we asked our driver Rafeeq to suggest some good Vegetarian Hotel… He took us to a Udipi Hotel and we had a decent vegetarian meals…Samriddhi as usual didn’t eat anything and i just fed her a banana(which is the only thing she likes)…. and we headed for Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary….Since it was Sunday our driver told that Muthanga opens at 3.00pm and there will be lot of people who will be visiting that place….So we reached there by 2.15p.m… but by the time there was heavy crowd over there….Our driver took the efforts of getting the tickets and hiring a Jeep…..Muthanga wildlife sanctuary homes many leopards,tigers,nearly 13,000 elephants,…. almost all kinds of monkeys and deers,wild boar… etc….So they promised the Jeep ride to be around a stretch of 22kms around the wild roads inside and since Samriddhi was woken up in the middle she was restless and she was crying all around….and finally settled down back to sleep in her dad’s lap…. we started our jeep ride…. and our journey inside the forest was blessed initially with some monkeys and deers….


Later as we were enjoying our ride we were not able to spot even a single animal….namma varromna ethavathu veliya varuma….I was telling my hubby that we should atleast see one elephant otherwise it will be a real shame….luckily we saw a group of elephant nearly a km away which came to a nearby pond to drink water….Later the journey was just a somber one just enjoying the beautiful but no other animals giving us a darshan…..
When we came out our driver on seeing the dissatisfaction in my eyes suggested that if we continued our ride from Muthanga on the road to Mysore we may spot some more elephants on the road side…. so we accepted and we started …again in our own vehicle….the entire stretch of road from Muthanga to Mysore was a lovely one with lot of bamboo trees all around and we couldn’t spot any animals on the way but after some distance we luckily spotted a group of elephants….which came out to eat grass… my joy knew no bounds …and my hubby got out of car and started clicking photos all that he could take


That was a wonderful ride all over the stretch … and we finally started back to the place…..We reached there by around 6.30 in the evening had our dinner and retired to sleep….
Next day morning Samriddhi woke up very early by 6.00 and she was having fun at Ente veedu…. and i was busy packing all things for our return Journey… We had a delicious breakfast of Puttu Kadalai and bread toasts…We had our return flight from Calicut at 2.00p.m in the afternoon so we started from wayanad by 9.45a.m.. and again a 3hrs drive…..But both me and my hubby felt that we should have taken a week long vacation and enjoyed the entire place all over wayanad…We reached back Chennai by 5 in the evening and on the way we were asking Samriddhi shall we go home she was saying vaendam vaendam all the way…..Ha..ha…haaa….