Anything that is cooked with love and devotion and offered as prasadam are tasty. No doubt about it! But still there are some temples synonymous for the special prasadam we get there.  here we will discuss those divine delicacies… let me begin with…

Thirupathi Laddu
Other than “jargandi” and “mottai” Tirupati is synonymous for the unique and special “Laddu.” Was surprised to know that about 2 lacs of laddus are made everyday at Tirupati, and nowhere else would you get a similar tasting laddu. The richest God of all gives us the richest prasadam too… rich in taste (rich in calorie too…moms from the other blog are raising their eyebrows!) loaded with raisins, cashews, badam, and ghee.
Pazhani Panchamrutham
The real devamrutham…how ever we make it, we never be even closer to the taste of the one you get here… the smell of vibhoothi and taste of Panchamrutham.. that is Pazhani.
 Ambalappuzha palpayasam
Just say Ambalappuzha to any keralite and they would complete it with palpayasam… that famous is the palpayasam here. Delicious kheer made with milk, rice, and sugar.
Shirdi Ka Tilgul
The tiny white goblets of sugar (marshmellows) which would just melt in your mouth.  You would see the whole shirdi with packets of these mist balls.
Ask your taste buds and update with your favorites…