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                           navratri golu quiz contest in Bharatmoms.com



It is a quiz contest for navratri festivals with bharatmoms. We are inviting you all to participate in this amazing contest and

win the title of  

" Navartri STAR 2013 "


Now its time for sharing your ideas ,questions,answers,tips and ideas on golu Like

Golu Arrangements,

 Special Naivedhyam,

Best Theme for Golu,

Returing Gifts

and More on Navratri/Dussehra Festival. Give More comments and win Title as "Navratri star 2013" from Bharatmoms.


How to play Navratri quiz game for Navratri Dussehra Festival ??

                                         navratri contest rules in Bharatmoms.com

1. Feel Free to Post ,You can give likes,comments,answers,tips,ideas on Navratri/Dussehra

2. Post any queries, Answers, Tips, Images, ideas Related to navratri or dussehra festivals.

3.Same person should not update in the consecutive comments.

4.The Mom or a person who is participating and giving more Number of Comments in this blog ,will be declared as a winner of this  Navratri quiz game and they will be awarded with the title of "Navratri Star 2013".


Any Gusses ?? so easy !!!!!!!!!!!

Do You Have Any questions or you know any tips or ideas on navatri,Post here as comments and win the game!!!

                                 Post and win the Star Title.!!

                   navratri contest

 Happy Navratri/Dussehra 2013 



Here is our contribution and the beginner of the game From Bharatmoms….

When is Goddess Lakshmi  typically worshipped during Navratri?

A. The first 3 days

B. The second 3 days

C. The last 3 days