Hi moms,

I wish to share the most lovely three days which i spent in my native village for kovil thiruvizha.The day i started my journey to the place which is really in the interior we hate the travel from our childhood we had been to the place only for 6-7 times. There is no proper transportation facility the bus we took got break down in the middle and another 4 hours to travel!!!! we all scolded our mom " For this only we are not coming to this village"  she was silent no reply from her ….and later we booked a cab and started our journey. 10-15 minutes of our journey we get caught in heavy rain the driver is old person who is really innocent getting afraid for this heavy rain driving as slow as bullock cart and the town busses bundled with the passengers even the youngsters sitting in the top   this is really shocking to see heavy rain current wires passes and huge trees with big branches waiting to hit them but these guys are not caring for all these .I was scolding why should they travel this way cant they travel early morning ?? I hope all will have the same mind set who  see this incident. And the rain somewhat stopped after 2 hour we reached a junction and after that we have to take another transport , these travel agencies will be travelling only in the main area and they wont come to interior of the village it seems….So we paid the amount which is twice the original amount since they will travel empty from the drop down area.They are the best theives i ever met, i said my mom if we book a cab in chennai they would not have charged this much they would have put the meter………. no reply from my mom this time too     

                                                             Greeny Environment                                              


 No tower in the mobiles we have to come and wait in some corners to get the tower no connections from my friends really horrible ????We all had tea in a tea shop which is waiting for the customers to come ,really tastier cofee and tea compared to chennai tea shops .Last bus to our Village has been departed we got an auto and reached the village where all my relatives waiting for our arrival from evening 6.00 but we reached at 11.30 only really tired our eyes ached for sleep. No fan we slept outside our home where there is big thinnai i missed my bed and AC.

            The next day morning when we wake up we found a new atmosphere chill breeze,very silent surrounding, no horns, no tension to get ready for the work, birds chirping really the day is different for us, and then the relatives we are really innocent who shows the real affection without jealous ,,,,, which could not be seen in city side                                

                                                                                 Amman Temple



          A flash hit my mind the guys who travelled the last night i understood this true love and affection which made them to travel all along to spend the two days with there sweet families and relatives which they cannot breathe in other cities even it is 1000 times more developed then there village ,No fan no mosuitoes even we sleep in the thinnai our mind rest in peace soon which we will miss in our bed-room, A costly mobile is worthless compared to the granny’s talk and olden day stories.

   All the three days ended soon its time for us  to reach chennai we packed our baggage and bid good bye to our relatives and stepped into bus something i missed in the village which is really a big one the peace and care which i felt in that village my phones start ringing and all the happiness moved away the mechanical life surrounds me  again my minds starts to think about my next day office ……….. but in the corner of my mind those sweet memories insisting me saying that we wanna go the village next year waiting eagerly for the dayyyyy