“We live in a country where a pornstar is easily accepted as a top actress. But rape victims? They are not even accepted as a normal human being!”

It is a sad state of affairs when one is forced to say that ‘Rape’ has become a ‘trend’ in India now! Yeah, trend is the word! You don’t think so? Think about it. It has become a commercial topic for media groups to make more cash, a not so serious issue for the police and judicial entities and for us citizens, it is just another news headline that we come across on our Facebook feed. We are now in positions to plead with the common public to take this seriously.

Women need to buck up to support femininity rather than being silent in this highly chauvinistic society.

4 years back, the same thing happened to Nirbhaya! The rape issue was made commercial and till now her mother is fighting for her justice! Don’t you think it is a shame for the country? Being called as Mother India, there is no respect for women, the poor soul has still not been given justice. Even after 4 years, the accused have not been punished. The death sentences handed out have not been executed yet. We still have people like ML Sharma, the criminals’ advocate, proclaiming that the rape was carried out by the male friend of Nirbhaya and trying to turn this into a political issue.

At this point of time, one can only pray for her justice and continue to support the cause

Here are few tweets from people who have voiced similar concerns and extended support.


Photo Courtesy: Zee News