Short films are all the rage right now. Many aspiring filmmakers began experimenting with short films before gaining confidence and experience to direct a feature-length film. With the advent of YouTube, these wannabe filmmakers have also found the perfect platform to showcase their work.

But, sometimes, you feel that some of their works can be kept away from YouTube. Not all short films on YouTube are great ones. Case in point, Ram Gopal Varma’s debut short film, Meri Beti Sunny Leone Banna Chahti Hai, which needs to be avoided at all costs.

In Tamil Nadu, short films have a stature of their own. The Kalaignar TV show, Naalaiya Iyakkunar launched careers of many filmmakers and YouTube has now proudly taken its place. But, not all short films are great ones. They attempt to find a larger audience by focusing on real-life crises but the execution is still soppy.

Last weekend, a new short film named Sattendru Maarudhu Vaanilai was uploaded on YouTube. With such a title, you think that this might be a breezy romance tale. But, the film is a total cringefest. It is too cheesy to be a movie. And, the movie condones acid attacks in the worst way ever.

Acid attacks? Yes, as it turns out, the short film is about the dangers of acid attacks. But, none of that is conveyed properly in this film. The filmmaker wanted the cheesy romance and the needy loverboy. The whole acid attack stunt is just to attract more viewers and it doesn’t pay off at all.

Looking for a cringeworthy experience, watch the video below.

The short film invisibly┬áraises an important issue. Why aren’t there more female short filmmakers? Aren’t we all tired of having to watch the same old love stories from the perspective of a guy! I’m waiting for the day when a woman makes a film about a lovesick guy and the girl who wants to dump him. That would be the perfect date movie.