Hi Cmoms,

Myself, my husband and my kids went to Tenkasi to attend a marriage and Courtrallam being very near, we went to the falls as well !

Before you all start reading… this blog is to give more of information than to describe on how much we enjoyed. I googled about courtrallam before we went there, but I couldn’t get lot of information… So thought of sharing my experience, resort details with you all.

There is only one train that connects chennai and tenkasi which is the pothigai express. We booked the tickets a month ago and while booking itself ours were in waiting list!

I googled for a good resort but couldn’t get any names, reviews etc. Since I took both my kids, I wanted the stay to be good…. We started calling the hotels, lodges a week before and was surprised to see there are no rooms available wherever we called! Not sure if it was due to the tamil manadu holidays or the falls season has picked up. Finally we got a cottage at Shristy garden resort (phone: 04633220960) near the old courtrallam falls. It was a nice spacious cottage facing the mountains.

The weather was too good with drizzling (saral) all day long and gush of winds (we hired an a/c car but didnt use the a/c at all… didn’t want to miss the winds and non-polluted air!). There was a kids play area that my kids enjoyed a lot. The only minus point of this cottage is the food, coffee, milk etc should be ordered well before if we need it to be served in our cottage and there are no hotels, t-shops near this area.

Few of the courtrallam falls didnt have water and those that had water were all so crowded. So our driver suggested "Nei aruvi" (Ghee falls!) which is a private falls and we could either treck 1km to reach the falls or pay Rs.200 to the jeep that would take us to the falls. Myself and my kids took the jeep while my husband trecked. It’s a very short distance… so if only adults are there, you would want to treck along the beautiful mountain. This falls was also crowded… but relatively less crowd 🙂 And my kids didn’t like the falls – they were afraid of both the crowd and to see so much water pouring down on them! So we walked 10 min above the falls to see the stream that falls down below. My kids enjoyed to bathe in the stream and it was a lovely view around this stream. I didnt bathe as there was no changing rooms in this falls.

From the falls we went straight to the famous "Border" hotel (but the shop board read "Rehmath <something>)… It’s a pure non-veg hotel 🙂 They have 4-5 items. They will ask if you want this,this, this and this… Whatever you pick you’ve to remember what and how much you eat. When you are done, they’ll ask you how many parotas, biryanis, pepper chicken, kothu parato etc you had and they’ll give the bill for that. Now this is better than the road side shop, but not a clean and neat hotel sorts… And all food items served are fried, spicy items, so it’s not healthy… But the food is just awsome! What else do we care? One time in a trip cant we forget the health part and just enjoy the food 🙂 All the items were tooo good.

We bought lot of jackfruit, palm (nungu) and few other fruits. All of them tasted real good (why are we not getting such tasty fruits in chennai?!). Not even one batch of fruits tasted bad! The jackfruit was orangish color than the regular yellow color…  

Next day we went to Agasthiyar falls which is 35 km from courtrallam. It was less crowded and there was a changing room. So I too bathed in this falls.

When everything was going all good… yaru kannu potangalo! the return train was delayed for 5 hrs because a tree fell on the electric lines of the trains. Fortunately my kids cooperated so well and enjoyed the 5 hrs train delay too 🙂

Will post the pictures soon.