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Paper Pens That Grow Into Trees!

Paper pens growing into trees is something which we all would definitely want to try. Doing something unique in order to help the universe go green is one amazing idea.



This amazing creativity was done by Lakshmi Menon from a small town in Ernakulam district of Kerala. This designer lover completed her degree in Home Science and went to US to explore her talents and creativity. She became a jewelry designer in the New York Fashion week. She handled a Kerala-based social enterprise that makes disposable pens from paper that grows into trees while disposed.

Elderly and differently abled women run this entire setup of creating these disposable pens into something beautiful. Her enterprise carries a beautiful name called “Pure Living” which means the word “Pure” depicts as our eco-friendly approach and the word “Living” was all about being responsible towards enhancing a quality of life women through employment and training. Pure Living was started in the year 2012.



Lakshmi Menon quotes “During my visits to Kerala, I used to teach crafts to orphaned kids. During one such visit, I taught them how to roll paper and make pens out of them. This was a product that I used to make and sell at an art gallery in San Francisco. It was during this workshop with children, that I had the idea of embedding seeds in the paper pens to make them a perfect eco-friendly solution to the menace of disposable plastic pens. That is when I decided to start PURE Living.”

They have sold over 1.5 lakh pens from the past three years. Since 2016 Lakshmi wanted to promote and market her products in a better way. She believes that it’s going to become a boost very soon since Fabindia plans to feature these pens in their stores from this Christmas season.



She also states that “Our pens cost Rs 12 when compared to the disposable pens that are sold in market for Rs 3. We can’t compete with them over price, but those who understand the value we add, prefer our products.”

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