Recently Miranda has made a really good initiative asking the teenagers of this generation to write an open letter to their parents.


It makes us understand the fact that “Exam pressure is one of the main causes of depression and suicidal tendencies among teenagers”. And since the exams are nearing the pressure increases tremendously.

Education system nowadays makes the child compete like horses in a race, without taking a moment to understand and love what we are studying. If there is no love towards what we study, feeling of happiness while knowing a new concept or understanding maths. Then, everything looks as if running in a race. With only marks/grades as the aim.


And the comparison to score more grades, a comparison at home and at school, all these make the child value themselves based on marks. But the real comparison is to make the child do better than themselves, each time.

Please check the video here: Mirinda | #ReleaseThePressure

Most of the parents provide everything for the child nowadays but fail to listen to their child’s feelings. If parents do not take the time to listen to their children and keep making rules, confine them from Television, games, friends, then the child will only become lonely with peer pressure and no one to even listen to.

This attempt of Miranda has helped the children to reach out to their parents beyond barriers and help their parents understand what the child actually feels. This will actually help to shape the bonding between parents and children. Understand them, nurture them, support them emotionally, instead of raising horses to run a race.

After reading the letters, parents shed tears. Understood the real situation of the child.

Parents take a moment, go on a drive with children or take a break, change your path, help them. It’s now they need you the most.

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