All of us are unique and thus we have many interests such as; drawing, dancing, painting, gardening, cooking etc. we all like to adopt these interests in our free time and have our hand at it. It is also true that our personalities have a big impact on the interests we choose. When we look at artists and painters, we are always in awe of their work because it has certain professionalism in it. This is only because they have taken their interests as a passion and when your passion becomes your profession you just become the best at it.

Every human being is categorised into three types of personality:

  • Extrovert: a person that is always concerned with external things and outside opinions.
  • Introvert: a person who usually relies on introspection and is mostly concerned with internal opinions.
  • Ambivert: a person who has a balance of extrovert and introvert features in their personality.

Though we have all of these personalities there will always be one personality that stands out. In my example, I am a complete extrovert who is always influenced by others opinion and feel a strong need to be around others in times of happiness and sadness and this has perhaps reflected in my career as a counsellor. I am always connected with people and I gain energy by listening to people and their perspectives on life. Similarly, introverts are people who are quite strong in their beliefs and systems. They are highly self-opinionated and face obstacles in the most dignified manner. Ambiverts, on the other hand, are very situational in their approach. They are always around people but rely highly on introspection. They have the ideal personality state.

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When we look at job prospective for each of these personalities an extrovert will be suitable for the role of psychologist, entertainer, lawyer, doctor, dancer etc and introverts will make an ideal writer, artist, photographer etc. An ambivert can pick any role/job he likes and turn it into a positive livelihood.

Women are highly talented and the choices of their career bear little importance with regard to their personality. My sister who is an extrovert has taken a career choice of being in compliance. This profile has very little interaction with people though she does not like her job that much she has taken it in her stride and chose to be an ambivert in this situation.

There are various personality tests available in psychology and these are pretty accurate to understand and determine one’s personality. “16 PF” is one such personality test developed by Raymond Cattell, the famous psychologist. In this test, there is a series of a questionnaire that addresses 16 prime personality factors such as warmth, social boldness, reasoning, dominance and the like. The scoring of this questionnaire is pretty simple and accurate. This is available to everybody and there are no age criteria. This is one of the main tools used in career counsellors.

Another important and famous questionnaire available is Myers and Briggs questionnaire. The authors of the scale have categorised people into extroverts and introverts based on psychological profiles such as sensing, intuitive, dominance etc.

In order to understand your characteristic better, it also always advised to administer these personality questionnaires in the teenage years, this will help the individual understand his personality type and thereby choosing a wise career option. Thus, career and passion go hand in hand in determining one’s personality. Though, we have pre-determined personality traits we can always change and adopt traits that are helpful in building long term relationships.

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