This is regarding somebody whom I know…She is  from a financially insufficient background…She lost her mother a few years back.Working as a lab incharge in one of the small schools…Was married and suffered a lot at the hands of her husband and inlaws…Since couldnt handle it anymore was back to her father’s place where she dint get her brothers’ support as well….

Her divorce case is in the court and the verdict will be given soon…Now a broadminded family has come up to us…the boy is willing to marry her..the elders have done their background check as much as possible…

Now, the issue- wedding..the boy’s family is ok with a weddg in a temple…but are asking for a reception..which is genuine..coz, its the first time the guy is gettg married and he has his friends and close relatives….

What I wud like to know- is there any hall that we can get for cheaper rates or for free(if I m not askg for too…much)..caterers who can do it at cheaper price….

Also any other help or suggestion that u wud like give…Plz….