Gym, Zumba, aerobics is the new fitness fever in town. This form of fitness is raging among youth, especially among young impressionable girls. Though the Size Zero has lost its charm, its relatives thigh gap, flat stomach and toned body have come into prominence. Yes, it is true that every woman including the most beautiful woman Aishwarya Rai has her moments of insecurity. We all, yes including me, have tried various crash diets and abused our body in the name of fitness. But is it really worth it? Are these fitness techniques catering to energise and tone down every amount of body?

Zumba, Gym and aerobics helps us to address our prime concern and burns calories, however, the real magic lies in Yoga. Because it caters to both physical as well as mental well-being of the individual. Indians are the pride pioneers to have introduced and mastered Yoga and its name is originated from Sanskrit words “Yuj” which means to “join” the mind and body.

Our staggering fast food style, not only paves the way to eating disorders but also has harmful effects on our body. Women are most affected in this regard because of lack of nutrition in the name of diet.

Yoga can significantly improve the metabolism of a woman’s body. The “Surya Namaskar” caters to every single element in the body and thereby results in smooth functioning. When women experience menstrual cramps they can try different asanas that will soothe the horrific pain.

Watch this Step By Step Video to do Surya Namaskar.

Many Psychologists use Yoga as a therapeutic intervention as it is the form of exercise to introspect, to understand one’s postures and meditation. It is the best possible integration of mind, body and spirit. This is specifically very useful to women as recent research has proved that women tend to be more anxious and worry more than men. It is definitely a very adaptive therapy with lifelong durability.

Some of the techniques that can be used to adopt Yoga as a lifestyle is by starting off simply by doing “Surya Namaskar.” Surya Namaskar precisely means salutation to the mighty Sun. Sun is said to be the mighty source of energy that can provide longevity to a human. Women especially experience a lot of joint pains and body aches. This can improve by exposing oneself to sunlight for Vitamin D for at least half an hour in the day.

The twelve asanas in Surya Namaskar covers a 360 degree body exercise. The first two asanas look at strengthening the muscles in the upper body and the next two asanas are specific to limb strengthening. The next four asanas look at the abdomen and pelvic strength. The last four is the reverse cycle of the first two. Usually, 21 cycles of the asanas improve health unconditionally and strengthen immunity in the body. Though, this may seem a little difficult it is essential for women to try at least 12 cycles on a day to day basis.

Surya Namaskar is also a very easy, affordable and convenient lifestyle to adopt as it helps in de-stressing to the maximum extent. Mindful eating is another effective way to watch what you eat and at the same time choose a healthier lifestyle. Mediation is another powerful technique to understand and analyse stress. However, it requires expert supervision initially otherwise it can accelerate stress to the maximum. Though Yoga may seem tedious and exhausting, it is the best way to achieve productive physical activity and sound mental peace. So all you ladies out there, start the change slowly and steadily and watch what it does to you as an individual.


Photo Courtesy: amewren