Priyanka Chopra has always been the highlight for being a wonder in the fashion industry. PC, not only in India but also in the west is highly spoken of. She has been remarked as favourite cover-girl in Hollywood and has been pinned as one of the most photogenic faces in the word.

Recently, there was an online poll conducted by Buzznet to choose “World’s Most Beautiful Woman”, here’s the surprise, Priyanka Chopra was ranked No.2 amongst all other beautiful women in the poll.

Beyonce was ranked 1 and see what Priyanka admitted in her tweet:

It is really heart-warming to see our desi girl beat the other extremely gorgeous women in the list: Angelina Jolie, Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Michelle Obama and Taylor Hill.

PC is doing great by taking right calls and building a strong threshold in the west. She has proved her skills and has impressed everyone with her Alex Parrish role and with two People’s Choice Award in hand. Now, the wait for PC being baddie in her Hollywood movie “Baywatch”, which will be out soon on the screens.

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Pee Cee has given us, Indians, another chance to be proud of.

Source: Buzznet

Photo Courtesy: Short Day