Hi Cmoms,

Finally the winners of the Foto Contest is out!

First prize: bhraman‘s "sandhu pottu oru sandhana pottu…"



Just kidding!

Before I announce the winners,
I would like to briefly explain how the winners were chosen. It was supposed to be based on votes, but some moms got a little over zealous and created some fake votes. I analyzed the data as much as I could and removed them. The analysis was based on ip addresses used to sign up and vote, bounced email and some responses we got from the actual owner of the email ids. Based on this , we disqualified some of the entries in some cases and removed just the invalid votes in some cases. We did our best to be fair to everyone.

There is a surprise at the end of this results… So scroll down till the end !

So without further adieu, here are the winners :

First prize goes to sujata_john‘s "see my small tongue". She wins Rs.3000 Naidu hall gift certificate.

Second prize goes to Nandhu‘s "Thinking when will this recession get over!!!!!!". She wins Rs.2000 Naidu hall gift certificate.


Third prize goes to Mynavathi‘s "SMILE – The Universal Language". She wins Rs.1000 Naidu hall gift certificate.


The following photos have won the "Royalty club cards from Le Meridian".

RG’s "Aadhi Shankarar eating Lays Chips"

hasina‘s "ive put him 2 sleep…! come over lets have a blast"


Sasireka‘s "Are these for me Thaaank uuuuuu"


Nilofer‘s "Out Of The Box"


Pappu’s Mom‘s "New look for the new age…."


Harishankar‘s " Save water"


Sangitavijai‘s "God Bless U All……….."


Vijitha’s"Spiky Star"


Shobana‘s "Piggy……….."


monisha‘s "chennai moms to china!"


Now for a nice surprise:

We noticed that there were some very funny fotos which didn’t get the votes it deserved. Though Naidu Hall sponsors only 3 prizes, we have decided to add two more prizes from our side to congratulate these fotos.
These two entries were chosen by a jury of our fellow moms who would like to remain anonymous(thanks moms, you know who you are :)).

So here goes the Special Jury award to:

jhuma‘s "Now this is called multitasking!!". She wins Rs.1000 Naidu hall gift certificate.



momluvsanju‘s "aint I Bald and beautiful". She wins Rs.1000 Naidu hall gift certificate.


Congratulations to all winners ! Hope all chennaimoms members enjoyed the contest.