This is once in a lifetime sequential dates, 11th day of 12th month of 13th year of millenium.


           Most special day of this year 2013 -



 Wedding rush on this day


It deserves to be frozen, feel many expecting parents and those on the threshold of marriage, who’ve grabbed this coming Wednesday to make it a part of their lives.
Chandana Mutgi, 25, is one of the many entering wedlock on 11-12-13.


             Wdding bells on this day 2013-


"My marriage was fixed eight months ago and we wanted it on this day. Thankfully, it’s also said to be an auspicious day," said the MCA graduate who’s marrying Srikanth Pothnis.


Astrologer Says,

It’s just like any other day and doesn’t bear much importance. "Neither is it auspicious nor inauspicious. It has no special significance as per the Hindu calendar,"



Unforgetable Dates


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