Vicks has come up with an innovative ad with the story of a transgender mother and her adopted daughter being featured. This ad is based on real-life story of Gauri Sawant who took the responsibility of bringing up Gayatri despite all reservation issues in the country. Mother is fighting all odds to raise her daughter in this world of corruption.

The video starts with Gayatri on the way to her boarding school where she is looking back where she had to give up on her biological mother and start her new life with her adoptive mother, Gauri, who met her and considered as her own child. Then, reminiscing the memorable times they spent together. Finally, at the end of the video, she makes a point to dedicate her life to fight for transgender rights cause and she is very strong about it.

Gauri Sawant

Pretty sure that after watching this video, you would be filled with tears. Support the cause and celebrate by watching this lovely and inspirational video.

Source: IDiva