Organising a house is really easy when we do it in the beginning itself. A simple tool can be used for several different purposes when it comes to organising your home. How much ever creative we are, that much organising becomes easy. Here are some easy ideas which can help you declutter your home.


1. Organise Cables:

cable-clip-declutter-homeCables always create a mess in the house. Cables starting from TV input cable, Music system cable, Telephone, Wifi, Audio output cable, let it be anything. They can get easily messy. This can be easily organised by using clips. These clips help to get a proper clean place without any mess.


2. Categorising the Kitchen:

categorized-kitchen-declutter-homeMorning time is usually a time when we are in hurry. Preparing food for the children, food for elderly, food for ourselves. Getting the taste, finding the necessary ingredients, including the right brand & quality oil, etc. Things are time bound, to be completed in morning. If the things are minimalistic and are categorised according to the daily needs, then it looks neat and everything becomes easily accessible.


3. Trays for daily objects

trays-for-daily-objects-declutter-homeIn the morning, most of us search for the things that we took yesterday. We try to grab, wherever it is. Common things like Vehicle Keys, Purse, Mobile chargers, anything. So, instead of searching, we can use a tray. Simply come back from workplace everything in the tray.


4. Rolling T-Shirts

Clothes when rolled and stored, saves a lot of space. Only, Shirts and Jackets have to be hung in hangers, T-Shirts can be rolled and kept. Since mostly they don’t need ironing, they can be easily stored. They can be kept in wire baskets easily.


5. One In One Out Rule

One-in-One-out - Declutter-Home
While shopping, we buy a lot of things, things like dress, utensils, everything. Slowly, we can observe that after a few months there is no space to store further items. Always use this rule, “One in one out”, this rule helps to take care of all extra items in the house. Also, it helps to keep things minimalistic.


6. Double purpose Ottoman

Double Purpose Ottoman Declutter Home 6Nowadays with growing innovative ideas. There are so many changes. A double purpose ottoman helps to use a sofa or a bed, both to sit or sleep and also to store items beneath them. This helps to get rid of separate space for storing things like a bed spread, or anything can be kept in double purpose ottoman.


7. Magnetic Container

magnetic container - declutter homeKeeping items in a box, placing them on a shelf consume so much space. After a long time, we can observe so many containers in the kitchen, that even labelling them won’t help. But if we use Magnetic Containers, they can easily hang on metal doors or metal objects. This would really help to save a lot of space.


8. Perforated Hardboard

perforated hardboard -declutter home

Imagine you can hang anything, anywhere in the kitchen at the same time look organised and neat. Well then not to worry, a “Perforated Hardboard” will do this for you. You can hang anything literally on this. It saves a lot of space. And the good thing is that if it is in the same color as the wall, then everything is perfect.


9. Organising drawers using empty boxes

organising drawer empty box - declutter home
It might look as if what is the use in adding boxes to a drawer. But actually, it segregates space and gives more space to store. Just like defragmentation. It helps to organise and use the space so effectively, simple cardboard, wooden or even plastic boxes can be used for this.


10. Magazine Holder as Corner Shelf

magazine holder - declutter home
It’s really an innovative idea. A magazine holder has its side which can be used to place some things on the top. And the most important point is that its shape is designed in a way that it can be easily placed in corners. Since it is placed in the corner it occupies very less space.


All images: Curated from Pinterest