Hi Moms,

Yday I was driving and a 2-whealer was going in front of me…

  • A man was driving without a helmet
  • A boy was sitting in-between
  • A women was sitting at the back. Again no helmet.
  • So I assumed it to be a family!
  • The women was sitting with one leg on each side. She was wearing a chudi with her back-side chudi left over the stop light and indicator light at the back of the bike. I mean she has not tucked the chudi tops but has left it free and since she wore a chudi with a slit, the back-side of the chudi comfortably covered all the lights of the bike.

Now what comes to all your mind? Here is what happened: Ofcourse the man in front indicated unknowing that the indicator is totally hiden from the view of anyone behind his bike. And I had to brake since he stopped before he turned. And all vehicles who followed me had to stop and I got the honk from everyone!

I am not irritated bcoz I got the honk. I was surprised how could a women and a mom could be so senseless? With her whole family in the bike, if I had hit their bike, they sure would have fallen down. It could be a serious one if a bigger vehicle was behind them.

I have seen people who warn others on the road – if their sari/dupatta is hanging, is caught in the car’s door or a car door is not closed properly etc. I have not seen anyone warn these women – where no one in the bike wears a helmet and they are happily travelling with all lights hidden. It’s as good as driving a bike without light in the night!

Moms, please  please warn such women/girls in such cases! They are not only risking their life, but their loved ones too!