Today i read in top headliness in google that Rowan Sebastian Atkinson well known as Mr.Ben is Dead on Nov 17,2013..

The news Which i read is as Follows



Rowan Atkinson has again become a victim of celebrity death hoax.
According to the Travelers Today report, rumours started from a fake CNN source that the 58-year-old actor, who is well-known for his work on the sitcoms Mr. Bean, committed suicide after a producer removed him from the Johnny English 3 film project.


English Actor Comedian Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) died at 58 after committing suicide. The comedian committed suicide right after the producer remove him on Johnny English 3. Rowan Atkinson(Mr Bean) recorded a suicide video with a message to his producer and fans around the world.

The list of celebrities affected by similar hoaxes is growing all the time, and includes Reese Witherspoon, comedian Bill Cosby, Robert Pattinson, Denzel Washington, Adele, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

I dont know whether it is Rumour or not.If so please inform in this blog itself..