What a royal Wedding its vey exited to see such a grand occasion in Britain.Did u all watched this in media,for the whom said no can see these amazing pictures.

              Prince William and Princess Kate married on April 29th in Winstminster Abbey. The Whole area is surrounded by britain people to shed there wished to the lovely couple.

                This is the ever big occasion occured in England after thirty years the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.

            Evening Kate Middleton  and william attended the queen’s Reception at Buckingham Palace. The royal feast was arranged for all the The wedding ring is made of colombo sapphire 12 carat gem  which cost around $600,000.

              William gifted Kathe Lady  Diana’s ring on there engagement which shows his dedication and affection  towards his mom.

            BBC announced that the over 25 million people watched the royal wedding all over the world in this 70% watched by tuning the  live telecasting sites.

         A cake was designed for the wedding which is very awesome to watch it is designed as  pearl finishing.

       some pics from the grand occasion



Press reporters call her as the most eligible girl in London,she has some traces resembling Lady Diana.Happy life for the prince and princess Lady Diana will bless her showerings to the lovely couple.