Hi moms,

Do you know Saree Cancer? Those who wear tight saree has the chance to get Cancer.

According to an article in the November issue which has been published in the journal of the Indian Medical Association. The doctors at Grant Medical College in Mumbai have reported cases which refer to as sari cancer.

The research has some case studies in it. While two of the patients diagnosed a couple of years ago are mentioned in the article, the third was detected just three months ago. All the women were above the age of 40. According to the doctors “The Sari petticoat, if tied on same place can cause pigmentation and later into constant irritation”.

He also suggests that they keep changing the level at which they tie saris. “This kind of cancer does not really affect those wearing pants or belts because the pressure is spread over a larger area, unlike in the case of a petticoat nada or string,” he says.



Treatment for the saree cancer depends on the stage at which the cancer has been diagnosed. “If detected early, it can be treated with reconstructive surgery. But if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes then we need to remove the malignancy,” says Dr Bakhshi who has framed the research report . He adds that if detected early the cancer is curable.