Women’s safety in India has always been a hot topic and till now there is no proper solution provided! But, I always had a question in my mind that, Is there no place in India for women to be safe? This just struck me and I started to google the safest place for women in India and the result which arrived was shocking as well as happy to see my city “the Chennai” and Coimbatore which has been marked as safe for women to live in India.

Being a Chennaite, I always felt safe and also feeling proud that the whole nation considers the place as a safe city for women.

With this information, I would like to share an ongoing incident and protest in Chennai, i.e., “Save Jallikattu”

Chennai’s support for Jallikattu formed in Marina Beach on 17th January 2017. The power of youngsters is being tested and till now the support is on and they have not given up.

Here is where, as a city did not differentiate between men and women, support is happening as a true Chennaite! Women and kids are being part of protest day and night by supporting Jallikattu and till now they are safe and there is no information on women being harassed. They are being totally protected by men in Chennai! Chennai Moms, be proud that you have brought up your boy well! They have proved #NotAllMen are the same!

Chennai, being marked as conservative state and not being very forward in thought! Now, what do you say, people? We, as a city, protect women and we have proved that our thinking is forward! The city being looked down by the whole nation has raised up to show how united we are. Chennai women have always been mocked as Madrasi or they are very dark skinned ladies and so on. With this protest, we have proved everyone wrong for being discriminative in the nation. We are very proud to be as Chennaite and by being a “conservative state” have given the nation a satisfaction that there is a city where women can “Be Safe!”

Women Safe

Bengaluru and New Delhi, just by being a fast moving city and forward thinking cannot be the sole criteria to show that there is safety for Women! I would like to convey that being conservative and change in thinking is all an individual’s decision. Never discriminate among the cities!

I am being proud to be part of this protest against PETA and I support to #SaveJallikattu! As a woman, I am also proud that I am in the city where I can bravely go out at nights and support for my culture without even giving a thought for my safety.

Finally, I would like to share a small opinion on why I support Jallikattu and protesting against PETA from banning it totally! I keep hearing about people who support in banning Jallikattu that, the bull is being harassed, save bulls, people die playing Jallikattu, etc. I feel, if these are the reasons, then bring rules to be implemented to Jallikattu, make sure the rules are as such that these reasons don’t occur again. I don’t think only by playing Jallikattu, human life is harmed. To me, more people die of alcoholism and tobacco than Jallikattu. So, better put the danger labels just like printed it on cigarette packets and Alcohol bottles! I seriously protest against PETA to provide a logic reason to ban Jallikattu completely!

#SaveJallikattu #BanPeta #WeSupportJallikattu #Chennaites #NeverGiveUp #TamilCulture

Photo Courtesy: Chennaites