Safety Tips for Children:

              Some of the safety tips for school children, how to behave to unknown person,how to take care themselves.

Answering without opening door:

                     When children are alone, it is better to answer for stranger without opening the door. If you are a working parent and your child stays alone at home during the day, then it is better to put a safety door or a double door. In many cases, the abductors of children are relatives or friends of the family or someone known to the child. Even if the person at the door is a relative or friend it is better that the child does not let anybody in when he or she is alone. If the parents are home with the children, children should still be taught to open the door only after calling the parent.


Attending the Phone:

                     Children should be taught not to give any personal information on the telephone, if they attend the phone. When picking up the telephone, children should be taught not to inform anybody that they are alone at home. Tell your children to immediately inform you if they receive any prank calls.


Stranger Safety for Children:

                    Children need to be careful of strangers. Children should be taught not to talk to strangers unless they are in trouble or need some help. Children should only ask a stranger for help if they are lost, hurt, or if some other stranger is hurting them or causing them problem. Teach your child never to accept a ride or lift from strangers.


If children is lost:

                      It is not possible to be with children all the time. So, if ever they are lost or do not know the way back home it is always better to make them prepared before hand itself. Firstly, make sure you teach your child important things like his or her full name, address, and home telephone number. Your child should know your office telephone number and your mobile number to contact you.

                   Encourage your child to go with a friend to places. Numbers and big groups always ensure more safety. Make sure to teach your child to always carry a little money with them whenever they go out of the house. Your child should always have money for a phone call, in case of problem. Ask your child to keep you informed of his or her whereabouts. Always ask your child to keep you informed about where he or she is going and for how long they will be gone.


Safety tips for Children at Home:

                      Never leave a hot cup of coffee or tea lying around on a shelf where a small child or toddler can reach. Take care not to leave knives and other sharp objects within the reach of children. Any kind of liquid like water, milk, oil, etc if spilt on the floor must be wiped and cleaned immediately otherwise a child may slip and get hurt.

                      If you are planning to have a baby sitter or somebody to take care of your child at home while you are away at work, make enquiries before employing one. Ask friends and relatives for references. After employing one, ask your child how the experience is with the baby sitter.

                    Always keep a first aid kit at home and teach your child how to use it. Always leave a pair of extra keys with a neighbour.