Hello moms,


                  Due to the safety concerns of the school children`s the Tamilnadu Government announced that the officials will meet the concern colleges and schools on changing of time.more foot board travelling of the schools students as well as college students were more in peak hours from 8:00 am to 10:30 am in morning so that the foot board travelling is unrestricted. So school timings going to change as 7.30 AM from june 2013

              For avoiding this the state government said to their officials to contact the concerned schools and colleges to change their  Institution timings so that the congestion and accidents will be avoided.more over in previous month.4415 peoples were arrested and cases were filed against them on foot board travelling and Rs.4,41,500 fine was collected from them. 
               What you feel moms, Is it right timings for childrens to go school at 7.30 by morning..