Thank you Aunties… Thanks a lot for your wishes. But naan than "Alukachi Adithya" va poyiten. . Ammavum than.

First day I went to school with my amma & appa. They are playing with me. So "jolly jollio jimkana" than... Today , second day, I neatly dressed, put "Sricharnam" and after saying "ummachi kappathu" , I went to school with appa.

ha….. one hand pulled me inside and they are not allowed to see my parents. I cried , cried , cried a lot. The teacher call my parents, and they come and pick me up.

Pona machan thirumbi vanthan Alumoonchiya….mmmmm……… Eppadi pona naan ippadi vanthen theriyuma?

But I strictly told my dad that I won’t go to school. I don’t like pa nnu.

ok aunties bye