I think I shouldn’t have started to read this phylosophical books… but they are not giving proper answers and explanations…

Yday I read – A person who has felt the ‘goodness of god’ will start serving god – like the rishi’s. Their mind will not rest on other chores of life which they were doing before. The comparison given is a women who becomes a mother. The women does all tasks at home perfectly before she gives birth to the child. After the child is born, she enjoys serving the child instead of doing all the tasks she was doing perfectly before!

I wish all women have disciples like the rishi’s have who would do all the chores that the rishi has to do

So does this mean, if a family person feels the god, he just should abandon the family and serve god?

If ‘good souls serve god’, then the souls that does take care of the family is considered a ‘bad soul’?

If all souls ought to be good, then there will be no family and hence no next generation!