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Just create friendship bands,rings,greeting cards,wishing cards for 2013 friendship day
You can earn money or surprise your friends by presenting this greeting cards or bands for your friends on this 2013 friendship day

                              Lets make Friendship rings

Thinks needed to make Frienedship Rings
 1. Pipe cleaners
  2.Chocolate kiss
  3.Card stock
  4.Hole punch











Methods to make Friendship rings


1.Start by twisting two pipe cleaners together. Place a chocolate kiss in the center,point side up.





2.Wrap the four pipe cleaner ends around the top of the kiss, then twist them together.



3.Bend both pairs of ends into a ring.








4.Twist the ends together at the top of the ring. Trim the ends. 


5. For the tags, cut card stock into half-inch strips about 4 1/2 inches long. Use a hole punch to make half-circle holes near one end of the strip. (This will help the folded tag fit onto the ring.) Write a message, then fold the strip   around the ring and secure it with glue.


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