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                   Bakrid is the known as the Festival of Sacrifice. The festival is celebrated on every tenth day of Islamic month Dhul Hijja . The festival is celebrated for Abraham’s commemoration and his willingness for offering his one and only son as sacrifice at God’s command.

Bakrid festival story details and date/month:

                     This festival was named thus, as its origin lay in the Islamic history as per which, it was on this day that God decided to test the faith of Abraham. It so happed, that Abraham, who was one of the Prophets of God saw a dream in which, the almighty commanded him to sacrifice his son.For this year Bakrid festival falls on Tuesaday October 15th,2013




                    Abraham and his son both showed willingness to perform this ultimate sacrifice and just as after slitting his son’s throat Abraham looked at the alter, where he expected to find his son’s lifeless body, he saw a dead ram instead and his son was standing hail and hearty. God delivered his son from death, as the duo had passed his test of faith. Thus, to commemorate the devotion, spirit of sacrifice and unquestioning faith in the almighty, Muslims perform animal sacrifice and offer prayers, to mark this occasion.






                  The celebrations of Bakrid also corresponds with another significant event that occurred in the history of Islam i.e. the completion of the holy Quran, this makes the revelry twofold. In this section you will find much detail about the significance, rituals and when Bakrid is celebrated as per the Islamic as well as the Gregorian calendars. The section also includes simple, recipes to make various traditional dishes, suited for this occasion of ceremonial prayers and feasts. So have a read and enjoy.

Different names of bakrid festival 2013:

                   The festival is known in different names in different countries, In Turkey it is known as ‘Eyd-e Qorban’and ‘ Kurban Bayrami ’ . In India, Bangladesh and Pakistan it is known as ‘Bakr-id’. In Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia it is known as ‘Hari Raya Haji’ and it is also known as Tabaski and Edul adha.




Festival celebrations details:


                   The festival starts with prayer as the people gather filled with resonance of ‘Allahu Akbar’ . After the id prayer the gathering ex-pression of affectionate the brotherhood, hug each other and exchange greetings.




                    Then it is followed with Goat/sheep sacrifice, eating with friends and family. The meat is distributed among friends, relatives and neighbours. Regular charitable practices of muslim community are demonstrated in this EId ul-adha.