Hi all,

Some of my points regarding kids getting ready to school are…

1.If you have not stuck to a routine, then begin to adjust back to your normal school week schedule one week before the return back to school.

2.Getting your child ready for school will then be easier for both of you. determine what is necessary for your child’s school day.

3.Remember to praise your child for having a great morning.Therefore, it may assist in your child’s daily pattern when they are adults and are employed.

4.In the morning, complete necessary tasks first. In order to get ready for school, your child should get dressed first, then eat, etc. Tv or down time is only possible if your child is done and there is time available.

5.Make sure homework is done and in backpack, etc. This will decrease stress in the morning.

Let me know moms what you are all suggesting… Give your suggestions too…